The No-Diet Approach

The No-Diet Approach

Picture this. Mr.Potato wants to lose weight. He jumps from one 3 day diet to another 3 week diet. Ultimately, he lost weight with an added baggage of cravings and hunger. 3 months later, he regained it all back!

Mr. Carrot didn’t opt for any fancy diets. He made small and practical changes to his own eating routine. He enjoyed his bread as well as the fruits. He understood moderation over starvation. He learnt balancing over avoiding. He lost weight but regained wellness, overcame fatigue and enjoyed his yummy treats too!

What Can You Expect?

No diet charts with calorie and quantity restrictions.

Scientific and tailor made plans in accordance with your schedule and habits.

No protein diets/special products/shakes.

Balanced diets with foods easily available in your local supermarkets!

No starvation. No constipation.

Increase in energy and meals planned for your own hunger cycle. A bedtime snack for example.

Too good to be true? Not really!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


Weight maintenance is infact more vital than losing weight. The cycle of losing and regaining has many adverse effects on the heart, muscle and mind.

Diet with a difference will help you also maintain weight as you are following a regime very similar to what you normally do. The good news is that weight maintenance is free!

Achieving and staying at a healthy weight does take planning and effort, but the rewards are great.

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